One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked is, “how do I record a webinar?” and “do I have to do it live or can I have an automated webinar?”

First up, recording a webinar is easy once you’ve got the right tools and you’ve done it a few times. And no, you don’t have to do it live. 

There are two main options for recording your webinars.

1. Live Webinars - For a ‘live webinar’ we use

Since our company X10 Effect does a lot of live webinar training for students and clients of our Webinar Magic and other webinar programs. We teach ’how to sell on webinars’ and ’how to create automated webinars sales funnels’.

So we still run live webinars regularly. We also run live webinars for many joint venture partners and affiliates offers too.

Having a GotoWebinar account comes in handy especially since we enjoy live webinars and so do our students and clients.

Gotowebinar is currently the best webinar system on the market, owned and operated by Citrix(Who also have a BIG hand in cloud computing and have amazing technology out now changing the way we know computing. You’ll see and hear more about this from me in months to come)

In the past, you couldn’t record live webinars on a MAC using Gotowebinar until now…

PC users could always record a webinar using Gotowebinar, but last time I used a PC was two years ago and at that time it would create a .wmv file (aka “windows movie video” file), which is one of the worst formats for trying to get your video to download or stream online.

To record your live webinars on a MAC or PC here’s what you do;

Set up a live webinar using Gotowebinar, when you log in to run the webinar at the allocated time. Click the record button; the record button can be found on the top menu bar under options. (that’s if you do not see the record button in the Gotowebinar side panel) At the end of the webinar, simply close the Gotowebinar application. The webinar video file will automatically download into the folder that is selected under recording settings.

Once you have recorded your live webinar, you should then download free software called “Handbrake” as this will help you convert your new webinar video file into an .Mp4 format with H.264 codec. H.264 format allows your video to play on iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, Androids etc

Here is the link to “Handbrake” for MAC and PC users and where to Download Handbrake now.

Then click here to watch the 3 min tutorials I’ve done on Handbrake, once you’ve got your webinar video file recorded. In this blog post I wrote previously there are video tutorials for you, I show you step-by-step how to compress and convert videos files for best use online using Handbrake.

2. Pre-Record Webinars – You can pre-record your webinars in many different ways and using different software.

Techsmith is a great company which makes two of the best screen and face recording software called, Camtasia (best for PC)

Telestream is the company which makes Screenflow (best for MAC) 

Almost every video and webinar on this website was recorded using Screenflow and is being played using our Webinator software.

To me, Screenflow for MAC is easier to use than Camtasia is on a PC. But as I said before, once you understand how to use this software and its settings, you’ll never look back. (You’ve overcome much harder challenges in your life than learn how to use this software, believe me. Just keep trying you’ll get it)

I now use Screenflow to pre-record webinars, video tutorials, run my webinar TV show called Internet Coaching School TV, where I even record my big ugly head ;) which you can do too, as long as it doesn’t distract your webinar audience from purchasing.

Once you have recorded, edited and exported (aka rendered) your webinar using any of the Screenflow or Camtasia and you’ve put the recording through “Handbrake” (as explained above) the next step is uploading this file to your Amazon S3 account.

Amazon S3 does a lot more than just store and allow you to manage your online video, audio, webinars and other files for you. The company also has other great services, which allow your webinars to play better such as Cloudfront. Cloudfront improves the audiences’ viewing quality and speed and gives you the option of streaming instead or downloading. It’s so good we integrated it to work with our Webinator, auto webinar software.

Upload your webinar video file to If you don’t have an account, create an account, it’s free and you pay as you go. It’s more cost effective than hosting video on your own server or on your own website hosting account, in most cases.

Once you have uploaded your webinar video file into your Amazon S3 account, you need software to create an automated webinar.

Webinator is the software created by our company X10 Effect and we certainly recommend you using it to manage all your webinars, videos and audios online.

But most replay webinar software or automated webinar software on the market allows you to use Amazon S3 webinar video files. (And keeps you in control of your videos and other media)

We created Webinator to actually integrate with Amazon S3 and Cloudfront through the API. Which means you can load your Amazon S3 and Cloudfront right into Webinator. No more going backward and forward between apps. This really saves you time and avoids confusion. It really makes setting up an automated webinar easy.

To create your webinar inside Webinator all you do is ‘click on schedule’ a webinar, fill in a few fields, like name of your webinar, duration, video file location, what type of webinar you want to run i.e One-Time, Recurring or Play-Anytime.

Webinator will create everything for you, including the website registration page and a webpage to play your webinar.

Webinator will even have a call to action button appear for viewers to click and purchase your product or service. (just tell Webinator what time you want the call to action button wo appear at the bottom of your webinar and BOOM, it will appear there to the second. 

Go to our website for a demo video of how Webinator can create automated webinars and replay webinars fast and easily.

Already got a copy of Webinator? Watch the easy-to-follow video tutorials showing you how to set up automated webinars, video players online and audio as well.

Don’t own the Webinator yet?

Grab your copy of my ‘about to be re-released’ Webinator software for a special $47 (one time).

As you probably know, other similar automated webinar software sells for as much as $497. Or $67 per month. 

Remember, Webinator creates automated webinars, manages your videos and audios online…

…And Webinator also tracks every single action your viewer makes as well such as when he left the webinar or if he watched it until the end. Great for checking response and conversion of your webinars, videos and audios online.

Thanks to this groundbreaking automated webinar technology, you’ll be able to pinpoint where and why your videos fail and make changes accordingly to generate more sales. Making setting up replay webinars a real breeze.

We’re continuously adding features and improving this amazing software and are very proud to have created it.

GRAB IT NOW! And tell us what you think.


Steven Essa


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